Your New Year’s Travel Resolution

December 25, 2012

Another year is coming to end…most likely a year where almost none of our goals were accomplished because we lost focus somewhere along the way and it’s about time to renew our New Year’s resolution. So, what would it be? What is your dream and how can you achieve it? Do you wish to travel? Let’s make it happen for real this time!

Anything is possible and any realistic goal can be achieved as long as you set your mind to it and follow a step by step planning procedure.

First of all decide on what you would like to do while on vacation. Then select a destination that fits the profile. Do some research, figure out the best possible season to visit your destination, the cheapest flights or other means of transportation and the best accommodation according to budget. Then based on your finance decide on how many days you could possibly stay on holiday and combine this with your paid vacation leave from work and you already have: the destination, the date of departure and the duration of your holidays.

Price the overall trip and use approximately 20% of the total cost as a deposit by booking your tickets, your hotel, your transportation or your overall holiday deal if you are using a travel agency. So, now you have made a purchase, you actually have to follow through your plan or you lose the 20% deposit.

Make a sacrifice and start a travel fund. For example, if you go out twice a week, start going out once or cut down on smoking, or gambling or whatever it is you carelessly spend money on and put that money aside, at your travel fund, in the bank or anywhere you will have to think more than once to withdraw the money from. Make your plan feasible! Make sure to divide the 80% that is left for you to pay for the overall trip according to your financial situation. It might be divided by 4 months, 12 months, 36 months! Keep in mind that your goal is to make it happen, it doesn’t matter when, all that matters is to set your goal and actually plan it through other than just keeping it in your mind drawer.

Now that the budget is set in order, make sure to check your passport, ID, visa, driver’s license or whatever papers are necessary for your trip.  Start buying little things for the actual trip that will constantly remind you that you are about to set off on your dream holiday, such as a hat or sunglasses, bathing suit, a ski mask or sandals whatever you think you may need. Start reading about the destination you will be visiting, the attractions, the sites, the historical and natural treasures, dining and entertainment options, night live, whatever can get you motivated and excited about your travel.

Without even realizing it by following this routine you are half way there! You are about to turn your New Year’s travel resolution into a reality.

Your destination: Mykonos
Your hotel: Kivotos, one of the most exclusive boutique hotels in Mykonos Greece
Your objective: To indulge in one of the finest Mykonos Hotels

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