Your Gift for New Year’s!

December 21, 2012

The holiday season is about caring and sharing and exchanging gifts with your loved ones. Have you ever considered how much time you have spent to prepare your Christmas list? How much effort you have put into actually buying all the presents for your friends? And ask yourself this question:

Is there someone you have forgotten? YOU!

If what you are dreaming of is to get away from it all, open your eyes to the endless cobalt blue of the sea and the azure of the sky, feel the warmth of the dazzling sun and indulge in 5 star luxury, dream no more!

Your gift for New Year’s is a trip to the scintillating island of Mykonos and one of the top Mykonos Hotels, the luxurious boutique hotel Kivotos.

Plan your vacation ahead for this summer in the most intimate of all luxury hotels in Greece and treat yourself to an exceptional experience. Spoil your taste buds with scrumptious gourmet choices and surrender your senses to the mystique ambiance of the spa. Release all tension at the Neptune fitness center and improve your balance with yoga and hot yoga sessions. Spend your day by the pool in view of the cerulean sea and sip on
cocktails against the crimson painted sky.

If you are seeking for a more intense lifestyle embark on yacht excursions, diving adventures and island explorations, discover dazzling remote coves or partake in water sports activities in some of the island’s most popular beaches. Get lost in the picturesque maze like alleys and experience the world renowned nightlife scene of Mykonos town.

Does that sound like something you deserve after struggling to get through every hectic day for an entire year and follow a boring routine every day of every week? If so…Mykonos is only a flight away…and Kivotos will be there to Greet you!

So, Happy New Year to dear YOU!

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