Your Cosmopolitan Island Travel Guide!

November 16, 2012

Seeking for a one of a kind cosmopolitan island destination? An island of effervescent character, set in a captivating landscape while offering world class facilities and fabulous cuisine? Here is your own cosmopolitan island travel guide suggesting world destinations for travellers wanting to become part of the blend of ethnicities meeting in the world’s most enchanting cultural crossroads.

Mykonos, the cosmopolitan queen of the Aegean.

Cosmopolitan Mykonos

2. Ibiza, the star of the vibrant clubbing scene in Spain.

 Cosmopolitan Ibiza

3. Saint Tropez, the summer playground of the jet-set in France.

 Cosmopolitan Saint Tropez

4. Bali, the luxurious retreat island of Indonesia.

Cosmopolitan Bali

5. Trinidad, the rainbow country of the Caribbean.

Cosmopolitan Trinidad

6. Jamaica, the sunny island, the homeland of reggae and rum.

Cosmopolitan Jamaica

7. Venice, the city of Masks, the floating city of romance.

Cosmopolitan Venice

8. Capri, the island of love in the Naples peninsula.

Cosmopolitan Capri

9. Martinique, the island of the flowers, a beautiful tropical island of the Caribbean.

Cosmopolitan Martinique

10. Maldives, the most beautiful place for experiencing scuba diving.

Cosmopolitan Maldives

Now that you have seen the best possible suggestions and weighted your options search no more.

The cosmopolitan island of Mykonos awaits you!

Discover the magic of this enchanting island of the Cyclades while indulging in the lap of luxury at Kivotos boutique hotel in Mykonos, one of the most luxury hotels in Greece. Live your own cosmopolitan dream in Mykonos, Greece, the land blessed by the Gods.

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