Winterly Fabulous Mykonos!

November 2, 2012

Now that we have saluted the summer, winter unveils the wonders of Mykonos, through the misty air, the glowing flickering lights of Mykonos town against the brilliantly white washed cubic houses become a blur, like an illusion through the fog, Mykonos is dressed in its winter gown and invites travellers to experience an enchanting winter break in the island of the Winds.

Mykonos winter

The once lively beaches become serene sanctuaries, the crowded narrow streets are now charmingly deserted but the mystical charm of Mykonos never ceases to exist. Mykonos is alive all year round offering abundant of entertainment choices and luxury accommodation options for winter travellers.

Kivotos hotel, one of the most luxury hotels in Greece, invites you to enjoy a warm accommodation and discover all the winter secrets Mykonos Island can reveal.

In winter time, the cultural vibrant Mykonos town is transformed to an eclectic destination for elite individuals who can embark on a true island discovery, visit the exceptional monasteries and island trademarks and sites, enjoy horse riding and hiking adventures through the mountains, participate in local festivities and experience the calm side of Mykonos not seen by many.

Mykonos Island is the perfect destination for winter getaways, romantic interludes and relaxing escapes. In close proximity to Athens and with direct air and sea connections it is a convenient choice for winter breaks, where visitors can escape the hectic pace of life and enjoy the peacefulness and serenity of a winter island holiday.

Indulge in the luxury of Mykonos hotels and welcome the winter season as you nuzzle in the arms of winter harmony, encircled by the picturesque beauty of Mykonos, the island jewel of the Cyclades.

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