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The Prince de Neufchatel – The Kivotos Hotel Luxury Private Yacht

December 28, 2015

Moored proudly in Mykonos’ Ornos bay, right in front of the Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel is a unique private yacht. The gentle breeze of the ‘Island of the Winds’ tugging at her sails, she stands majestically and vigilantly guarding this private beach hotel in Mykonos, a glimmering rare pearl in the crystal clear waters of Ornos Bay. The Prince de Neufchatel is a private yacht like no other, a fascinating fusion of historical classicism and modern luxury. She is a craft that pays homage to a mighty ship, and one with a rich and exciting history.

The History of The Prince de Neufchatel

The Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel Private Yacht is named after a famous privateer schooner, one launded as a hero by her allies and feared and notorious amongst her enemies over 200 years ago. Built around 1812, the original Prince de Neufchatel was a high speed large schooner built by the Adam & Noah Brown shipbuilders in New York. She was modified and outfitted in Cherbourg in France as an American privateer ship. This meant she was a privately owned ship fighting on behalf of America during the War of 1812 against the British Navy. The use of privately owned ships fighting for nations was very common during this era, and essentially meant that these ships behaved much like pirate ships, attacking, plundering and capturing ‘enemy’ ships in order to take ‘prizes’.

The Prince de Neufchatel was one of the most successful American privateer ships of the War of 1812. Under the leadership of captain John Ordronaux, she captured her first ship before she had even been fully prepared and armed, and on her full maiden voyage she vanquished and captured 6 more British craft whilst fending off two Royal Navy ships. Between July and September 1814 she was responsible for seizing another 14 ships as ‘prizes’ and repeatedly outran the British warships that tried to catch her. In a real-life epic David vs Goliath battle in October 1814, the Prince de Neufchatel was able to hold off the 50 gun Royal Navy frigate Endymion despite it being 4 and a half times her size. It wasn’t until December 1814 that the British were finally able to defeat the Prince de Neufchatel, and it took 3 Royal Navy frigates and a severe gale to do it. So impressed were the British with the Prince and her speed that they took her back to Britain to study but she was damaged while being undocked and was eventually destroyed. The Prince continued to make her mark on history though – she was so pioneering that her design was copied by the Red Rover in 1830, which became one of the most famous and fastest clippers used to smuggle opium out of Calcutta.

Mykonos Hotel Luxury Private Yacht

With such an impressive lineage, it seemed only fitting that the Prince de Neufchatel should be the model for the Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel’s own private yacht. With Kivotos’ heritage as a boutique design hotel, our appreciation for the arts, admiration for fine design, and the hotel’s own unique fusion blend of historical artefacts and the contemporary modern, creating a remarkable yacht like this was the perfect addition to complement to the hotel’s already extensive range of remarkable facilities and luxury services. The hotel’s private yacht was originally built in Holland in 1967, and underwent a comprehensive rebuild in Greek shipyards in 2008 to take on the stunning form you admire today. She is opulently appointed, with 3 cabins – two with queen size beds and one twin room, all with their own luxuriously ornate en-suite marble bathrooms. Elegantly combining the historical with the modern, her beautiful teak lines and graceful sails sit side by side with her comprehensively modern and comfortable facilities, including air conditioning, Wi-Fi and power points. She is fully equipped with fishing, water sports and snorkelling equipment, as well as a lounge, and her beautiful open deck is the ideal spot for sunbathing, with sun chairs, deck chairs, and tables.

Luxury Private Yacht Cruises in Mykonos

The stunning Prince de Neufchatel is available for chartering for a range of luxury private yacht cruises around Mykonos and the Cyclades islands and is skippered and fully crewed. Up to 6 Guests can choose to enjoy 5 hour half day cruises with a light lunch or gourmet dinner on board the yacht, exploring Mykonos’ south beaches or the islands of Delos or Rinia. A full day cruise lasts 10 hours – plenty of time for lunch, champagne at sunset, and a full sail around Mykonos or to the islands of Paros, Naxos, Tinos or Delos. For the comprehensive private yacht experience, you can even spend a night in the luxurious bedroom cabins aboard the Prince on the 24 hour cruise, with a lunch or dinner and a special breakfast. Those enjoying a luxury wedding in Mykonos at Kivotos Hotel can even choose the Prince for a unique yacht wedding ceremony and party, or take a magical romantic honeymoon cruise around Mykonos and the Cyclades islands for three days or more.

Candlelit Dinners on a Yacht in Mykonos

You don’t even have leave Ornos Bay if you want to experience some of the glamour and luxury of the Prince de Neufchatel. Come aboard and enjoy an amazing lunch on the private yacht, gazing out over the tranquil waters of Ornos Bay with the endless expanse of the cerulean blue sky above you. Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel is proud to offer the finest luxury private dining experiences in Mykonos, and as well as being able to dine on the hotel’s private beach, guests have the magical once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a romantic candlelit dinner on the private yacht amongst sumptuous and elegant surroundings, with the beautiful twinkling lights of Ornos Bay as the backdrop. As well as intimate meals for couples or small groups, The Prince is also the perfect choice for private yacht parties in Mykonos – the skilled team at Kivotos Mykonos Hotel is on hand to create a tailor made experience to suit any celebration or event. The private yacht can accommodate a party of 35 people whilst docked in Ornos bay, or 25 people onboard while she cruises the beautiful azure waters of the Aegean.

Luxury Private Yacht Experiences in Mykonos

You can see the Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel’s Prince de Neufchatel is a private yacht like no other. Her namesake was a famous craft with a unique character who wrote herself into the history books, and the hotel’s own private yacht proudly carries on her tradition today, creating unique memories for all of those who witness her majesty in Ornos Bay and unforgettable moments for those lucky enough to set foot aboard her. We hope that one day you too will be able experience that magic for yourself by sailing away into the sunset with her.

Season’s Greetings & Happy New Year

All of the staff at Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel would like to take a moment to wish all of our guests and friends all the best for an enjoyable and relaxing festive holiday, and thank you for choosing to stay with us over the years. We wish you all a happy, healthy and successful new year, and we look forward to welcoming you back to Ornos Bay and Mykonos in 2016.

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