The Dazzling Details of Mykonos Architecture!

November 15, 2012

If Greece is considered a jewel then the Cycladic group of islands are its precious stones. A dazzling extravaganza of colors is dispersed in the whole Cycladic scenery.

Cycladic architecture dates back to 2000 B.C. and despite the fact that there were no architecture plans, Cycladic architecture was formed, by its own inhabitants and nowadays has ended up to be a unique masterpiece of contemporary art.

Though, an obvious disorganization is observed, small details make the difference and have made through the years, the Cycladic architecture to be admired from people all over the world and considered something entirely majestic!!

Bright colors are everywhere in Mykonos Island!

Doors & windows are perfectly colored so as to create a beautiful contrast with the pure white that dominates all around …

Mykonos doors

Mykonos windows

Flowers make their presence necessary, as in combination with the white washed cubic houses, create an absolutely fairytale image …

Mykonos flowers

Scenic narrow stone made paths and picturesque stairs form an idyllic picture for those want to lose the sense of time by scrolling all around …

Mykonos paths

Mykonos stairs

Religion has a great impact and churches are everywhere, even to the more unbelievable places …

Mykonos churches

Wandering around the Mykonos Island it is like you are living a fairytale…

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