The Colorful Side of Mykonos!

October 31, 2012

Red, yellow, orange, purple, white, blue, green…
Each color has a unique meaning…
Colors influence and characterize psychology & distinct locations…
From colorful sunsets, to picturesque alleys and sea views, in Mykonos island, you get amazed by a colorful palette setting. In Mykonos, you can find all the colors you imagine in different places and spaces…
So, are you in a “ color mood”?
Pick up your choice…

Being in love with red? The most warm and passionate color chosen by extroverts, is the color that according to the Chinese philosophy characterize the prosperity and joy. Mykonos present to you “red taverns”.

Mykonos taverns

You prefer yellow, the color of joy and happiness that is full of creativity and intellectual energy? Then, Mykonos offers to you traditional scenic “playful cafes” in yellow details.

Mykonos cafes

Are you fond of the light blue which symbolizes the youth and communication? Mykonos provides picturesque cafes with light blue touches, for tasting a traditional Greek coffee.

Mykonos bars

Are you in a “white mood”? Then you will certainly be into a disposition of clearing clutter and obstacles away & making a new brand start. Mykonos has elegant rocky bars dressed in white colors where you can have a drink and reconsider choices of life.

Mykonos bar

Colors in Mykonos Island are everywhere…
Color your holidays in Cyclades and give meaning to your entertainment choices!
Feel the luxury aspect of Mykonos accommodation while staying at Kivotos hotel, one of the most luxury hotels in Greece, and turn it into your starting point for your “ colorful walks”!

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