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The 4th month of Greek summer in “Little Venice” of Cyclades

August 22, 2013

September is approaching and we all feel a bit glum as winter seems closer and closer. Happy memories of the sun, the sea and the revitalizing feeling of summer recreation come in mind just to leave a bitter sweet sense of longing as they go.

While this might be the case in most countries, this is defiantly not the case in Greece since September is considered the 4th month of the summer and for some, the most glorious one.

Why you may ask?

There are several reasons why September is the ideal month to enjoy summer but they all could be wrapped to the fact that the sun is still up and shinning and the water of the beahces is warm, embracing and inviting.

So, free your selves from the longing of summer and cease the opportunity of the extended summer during September in Little Venice of Cyclades. Mykonos one of the most beautiful, alluring and intoxicating islands of Greece, becomes irresistible in September as all of the islands’ natural beauty emerges from the loud sounds of August.


Relish the seductive crystal, clear warm waters of beaches in Mykonos, the glorious sunny days and the vigorous nightlife of the island.

Experience the ultimate luxury Mykonos holidays during the 4th month of the Greek summer.

Arrange your accommodation at Kivotos Hotel and enjoy the pampering amenities in of the best luxury hotels in Mykonos Island.

Recreation for body and soul as Kivotos Art Projects, an exhibition of unique work art from famous greek artists is taking place in the premises of Kivotos Hotel.

The alluring island of Mykonos summons you! Will you respond?

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