“Sweet” Christmas in Mykonos!

December 11, 2012

Each country has its own traditional Christmas recipes and all of them, one by one, seem to be equally tasty and absolutely delicious!

Christmas is coming…

Mykonos has dressed in its chic gown with the most glamorous adornments…

Elegant and stylish decorations are seen all around us…

Some of us feel Christmas with melancholy, some others with joy…

But one thing is certain…all of us, are always in the mood to taste the season’s most wonderful flavours…Christmas Sweets!

The traditional sweets that give a real meaning to Christmas in Greece are “melomakarona” , “kourampiedes” …

Greek christmas sweets

..and the special cake called “vasilopita” especially prepared for  New Year’s Day! Vasilopita comes from the Greek words “Vasilis” and “pita” meaning Vasili’s pita…in other words Santa’s cake! According to tradition a coin is hidden in the cake and whoever finds it hidden in his piece will have the best of luck for the New Year.

Greek christmas sweets

The whole island of Mykonos is making all the preparations needed so as to enjoy the Christmas Days and welcome “sweetly” the New Year’s Eve!

So, this Christmas all of you that are fond of our sweet Greek traditions are welcome to travel in our sweet world of Christmas and experience the divine scents and flavours of the season while staying in one of the most enchanting 5 star hotels in Greece.

So until we meet again, enjoy the sweetest holidays and prepare for an unforgettable summer vacation at one of the best Mykonos hotels, the luxurious boutique hotel Kivotos !



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