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A summery love letter from Kivotos Mykonos

July 6, 2017

This one goes out to any of you in love or, better still, taking those first exciting steps towards this blissful state. Summer is your time and Kivotos Mykonos is among the very best settings for affairs of the heart.

Love, naturally

At Kivotos Mykonos, love is definitely in the air…on the beach, aboard the private yacht, at the table set for two next to the glittering water’s edge; come to think of it, just about anywhere, at any time, within this Mykonian paradise.

Here you’ll find everything you need to make romance blossom under the Cycladic sun and moon and light the blue touch paper on the fireworks of your soul!

Gorgeous from every perspective

As dawn’s sunbeams fall like ticker tape upon your silken sheets, you’ll feel the irresistible urge to throw open the windows of your deluxe suite. The sight of a garden full of colourful blooms against a backdrop of eternal Aegean blues makes a fitting celebration of your love; nature’s own bouquet. Breathe in sea breezes and sweet floral fragrances and then glance behind you again to admire your sumptuous room adorned with beautiful object d’arts and antiques like the rest of the hotel.

A hidden charm

Couples wishing for even more intimate moments will find the ultimate romantic escape in the shape of Noah’s Villa. Nestled into a picturesque rocky cove, it exudes an air of refinement and at the same time invites you to truly unwind and enjoy your time alone together. There is something of the enchanted castle about it as well, putting you in mind of fairytale princes and princesses and deeds of gallantry and devotion. Of course, if not a knight, a chivalrous staff member is always on hand to grant all your desires and make the path to true love run every bit as smoothly as you have intended.

Beauty in motion

Stunning beauty is your constant companion at Kivotos Mykonos and naturally it can bring out all the beauty in you too. Make its beach and pools into a lovers’ playground; float and flirt at the coolest swim-up bar on the island;

sink back together into a soothing and sensuous Jacuzzi and snuggle up in the diamond-studded Hammam

They’ll be ample time to get good vibrations working out in tandem in the state-of-the-art fitness centre or showing off your moves on the squash court. You can indulge yourselves in beauty treatments galore, wander hand-in-hand round the art gallery to find even greater inspiration,while for those frozen-in-time moments of tranquility, the atmospheric cliff-top chapel is a delight. An abundance of stylish restaurants and bars will leave you spoilt for choice of top classcuisine or vintage wines and champagne to toast your ardour.

A classic way to see the Cyclades

Turn back the clock to take a luxurious day cruise onKivotos’ private yacht, the Prince de Neufchatel, evoking the romantic spirit of 19th centuryseafaring. Everything is taken care of by an expert crew, leaving you free to unlock the secrets of the heart and uncover a treasure trove of hidden beaches and remote islets which make your love on the Greek islands an unforgettable story.

Princely evenings

Last but not least, like the beach, the Prince can double up as the ideal venue for a romantic lantern-lits upper, accompanied in turn by the crimson embers of sunset and a spine-tinglingly iridescent moon, which on special nights seems to dominate the entire skyline, shining down reassuringly on lovers of all ages staring longingly into each other’s eyes. Indeed, whatever your dreams for an evening of passion, the staff at Kivotos Mykonos will be ready to sprinkle their magic dust over them and bring them to life.

Book early for an idyllic romantic holiday by sun and moonlight at Kivotos Mykonos. Let love have its day … and its nights

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