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The summer colours of Kivotos

July 25, 2017

You and the luxury hotel on Mykonos: the perfect match

Posing the important question

What are the colours of summer? Are they the glistening, radiant yellows of the sunrise bursting across Ornos bay, over clusters of whitewashed island cottages and chapels, onto your balcony and through the open window of your luxurious Kivotos suite? Are they the electric blues of the sky with tantalizing streaks of wispy cotton cloud destined to be cuffed aside by the golden blaze of high noon. Are they the shimmering emerald, the cobalt blue and the stunning cerulean all filtering through your champagne glass, entreating you to dive into the waters of your own private beach and immerse yourself in a Mykonian summer?

Come and set the tone

If you think you’d like to find the answer to these questions yourself, come directly to Kivotos, Mykonos. Here you will find the connoisseurs of the summer spectrum, whose primary aim is to introduce you to the season’s entire palette of colours and help you paint your own blissful holiday composition. They deal in the vivid, they celebrate the incandescence of their island in the design of their buildings and the pieces of art in every common space and guest room. They know that the more striking the colour, the more vibrant the experience; the bigger the splash you make, the stronger the memories you will take back home with you.

Art on a platter

Sit down to dine at La Meduse Restaurant and the summer colours, so lavishly and lovingly assembled by our chef, will leap off the plate and grab your attention before you’ve even taken the first bite: The pearly shades of freshly caught fish mixed with brilliant orange, deep greens and russet reds depict the wonders of the deep; parched grey leaves and earthy browns around the outside of your dish reflect the rugged beauty of the land. As in life, as in Kivotos; there is art in everything.

Airbrush your cares away

Should you choose to rent Noah’s Villa for your stay here at Kivotos, you can expect yet more variety of colour. To complement its refined aesthetic and discreet luxury, there are softer pastel shades, capturing the carefree summer mood; soothing turquoise cushions, creamy chiffon drapes and, on the sand, a weathered, fawn fishing boat waits to cast off for its next trip. As you walk into any of its rooms an immediate aura of calm washes over you and time seems to slow to a leisurely crawl. On the wall is a painting, a gala of colour, the artist too possessed of the spirit of the season.

Shades of romance

Evening brings with it a spectacular light show of its own. At the end of the jetty, the amber glow of candlelight mingles with the gentle ripples on the bay as you share intimate moments on a table for two next to the water. With the flaming crimson sphere of an Aegean sunset caught in each other’s eyes, whispers of love hitch a ride on the warm night breeze. Then as darkness falls, an iridescent moon rises and a thousand stars make tiny flecks of silver across the cloudless canopy; any budding Van Goghs should have brushes poised for action!

Colour on parade

To cap all these kaleidoscopic celebrations, the love affair between Kivotos and the art world after five years is still going from strength to strength. The Aegeanale arts and cultural platform, showcasing the inspirational nature of the Aegean islands, has just launched its 2017 programme with the Kivotos Arts Project in the hotel’s new showroom. Lasting until October, it features acclaimed Greek-based artists working in a variety of media, such as painting, sculpture, photography, video, multimedia and installation. They will open your eyes to new shades, turn the summer on its head, challenging you with displays of surrealism, insights into the human form and condition, visceral flights of fancy, pictorial stories of nature and man’s intervention upon it and, above all, a quite startling explosion of colours that do perfect justice to the joyous canvas of a Mykonos summer.

Time to mellow

And remember summer lingers longer in the Aegean. If you want to come and experience those mellower autumnal tones merging with the famous blues and whites, you can take advantage of Kivotos’ special offers for September and October. Keep it bright and breezy with Kivotos, Mykonos: Where summer never fades!

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