Shop in the Fashion Island of Mykonos

October 12, 2012

Set against the scintillating backdrop of Mykonos, designer boutiques and haute couture stores epitomize the island’s cosmopolitan character and artistic flair of fashion genius.

Mykonos is the dazzling fashion capital of the Cyclades reflecting the culture trends of prime international fashion. Stores of exquisite character are dotted throughout the winding streets of Chora attracting fashion-savvy consumers from all over the world.

Shopping Mykonos

From Matogianni street with Zilly boutique, Cinema and Soho Soho stores to K.Georgouli street with Dolce & Gabbana and Emporium Galatis, Parthenis at Alefkandra square and Lakis Gavalas at the commercial center of Kouneni, the island of Mykonos is a chic destination synonymous with luxury, celebrities, high couture and fashion excellence.

Mykonos shopping

Shopping in Mykonos is a delight, a sensual pleasure for fashion enthusiasts, certainly included in the must do in Mykonos list. Fashion is associated with luxury and high end lifestyle and so is Kivotos, one of the most enchanting Mykonos hotels in the heart of the shopping district. Rightfully listed amongst the top luxury hotels in Greece, this boutique hotel in Mykonos Chora is a haven of chic glamour and unsurpassed luxury.

Shopping Mykonos

Immerse in Kivotos luxury, surrender to the pleasures of refined leisure, relish the ultimate in Mykonos gourmet dining and shop till you drop in the fashion capital of the Cyclades.

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