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Seaside dining in Mykonos: the epitome of luxury and romanticism

November 28, 2013

Greece is the place where food and sea, light and aura, calmness and adrenaline, love and friendship are worshipped beyond any doubt. It is the spot on the Earth that combines elegance with simplicity and imagination with reality. If Greece is all these, then Mykonos is the quintessence of all these, something like the core of the Greek world of this ideal set of profits and features.


Private dinning


Mykonos is the jewel of Cyclades, the apogee of perfection one may seek during their vacation. The embracing sea along with the joyful light of the Greek sun makes for a scenery where Eden seems a bit unfair for a description. Imagine yourself dining in Mykonos, with this paradisiacal set around you. Imagine yourself with your better-half going for a private dinner to celebrate your love having the best sea-view ever. Or just imagine you and your friends’ company eating something from the international cuisine with a sea-view, enjoying yourselves and lough out loud!


le pirate


Mykonos restaurants are the place to be! Mykonos dining is a unique experience. La Pirate seaside restaurant and La Meduse gourmet dining know that really well. Kivotos Club Hotel, the gem of Mykonos, offers you the best chance to enjoy great food and incomparable drinks by the sea at its Mykonos gourmet dinner restaurants where quality meets passion, and even the most demanding connoisseurs will be definitely satisfied.

Give yourself the chance to experience the superiority of a restaurant with a sea-view that will remain in your heart for a lifetime.


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