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Romantic Vacations in Mykonos

May 4, 2014

Mykonos is the one and only jet-set destination in Greece for all luxury travel seekers around the world as well as the ultimate destination for romantic holidays. Want to rekindle romance and spice up things in your relationship? Then Mykonos is the place to be.

Combining the Cycladic scenery with amazing beaches and extravagant life with numerous choices of bars and restaurants Mykonos caters to all needs and desires. So, if romantic is your ideal vacation type, pack your bags and prepare to be seduced.  Either it is your honeymoon or your anniversary or you just want to spend your vacation with your significant other in a romantic way, look no further.

Begin your amorous escape wandering around the cobblestone paths of Mykonos and feel the energy of romance fill up your heart while exploring the town and its hidden gems. Don’t forget to spend an afternoon at Little Venice as it is considered the most romantic and beautiful location in Mykonos town, allow yourself to fully unwind and create with your loved one the most unforgettable memories while drinking cocktails and eye witnessing the most glorious sunset of the island.


 In a Greek island of incomparable beauty offering the most magnificent views of the Aegean Sea, dining privately with your other half is one of the most memorable experiences you can have. Private sailing and yachting is also a romantic way to spend your time in Mykonos. Explore the island’s amazing beaches and dive into its crystalline waters while enjoying your privacy or set off on a romantic cruise to explore nearby islands.

Relax and recharge with a romantic spa treatment for two and rejuvenate body and mind.


The choices are endless and Kivotos luxury boutique hotel in Mykonos can help you set the romantic scenery for the vacation of your dreams.  Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a candlelight dinner under the moonlight on the private beach of Kivotos hotel. Arrange your stay and let the island of the winds do its magic!

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