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Private Yacht Island Cruises from Mykonos

February 1, 2016

Mykonos island offers visitors a selection of delights to keep them entertained, but those with a sense of adventure wishing to venture further afield will find a host of delights on Mykonos’ neighbouring islands, all waiting to be discovered on private yacht cruises and day trips from Mykonos aboard the Prince de Neufchatel, the Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel’s own private yacht.

Private Yacht Island Day Trip Cruises from Mykonos

A stunning replica of a famous privateer schooner from the War of 1812, The Prince de Neufchatel is available for charter for private yacht cruises to Mykonos’ neighbouring islands. Guests can choose from a selection of itineraries to suit their exact needs and interests, and enjoy the experience of cruising the Aegean in style. We’ve put together a short guide to the highlights of the islands of Delos, Rinia, Tinos, Paros and Naxos, all of which can be visited as part of the cruising itineraries for the private yacht cruises and day trip charters of the Prince de Neufchatel.

Delos Island Day Trip Highlights

Just a few kilometres west of Mykonos lies Delos, a stunning island teeming with history and antiquity, and one of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece. This UNESCO World Heritage site is the mythical birthplace of the ancient Greek gods Apollo and Artemis, and the whole island itself is one whole archaeological site, with no permanent residents or houses. With a status as one of the most important sacred sites in the Ancient Greek era, and a popular free trade port during Roman times, Delos is home to an astonishing array of magnificent historical artefacts and ruins.

The highlights of a day trip to Delos include the famous Terrace of Lions, a row of lions that stand guard over the sacred island. The lions on display are actually replicas, but still make for an amazing photo opportunity, while the originals themselves are housed in the Archaeological Museum of Delos which also houses a large collection of funerary statues dating back to the 7th Century BC, as well as clay figurines, jewellery, and 25th Century pottery. Beside the museum is the Sanctuary of Dionysus, as well as the nearby Temple of Artemis. Another fascinating site on Delos is the Agora of the Competialists, a market space and religious shrine, and beautiful mosaics can still be seen displayed in situ in the Maritime Quarter and the Theatre Quarter. These are just a few examples of the wealth of stunning archaeology on offer at Delos, and this island is an essential visit for anyone taking a yacht trip from Mykonos.

Rinia Island Highlights

An ideal stopping off point after Delos, the island of Rinia is the perfect place for a private swim. Like its sister island Delos, Rinia is uninhabited, and actually formerly served as a cemetery for Delos, as Delos’ sacred status forbade burials to take place there. As a result of this, Rinia itself has been an important archaeological site, and many findings from tombs here are on display in the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos. Rinia’s unspoiled landscape and beautifully quiet sandy beaches are wonderful for exploring, sunbathing and swimming, making this the ideal private hideaway stop on your private yacht cruise.

Tinos Island Day Trip Highlights

Famed all around Greece as a Greek Orthodox pilgrimage site, the island of Tinos is located to the North West of Mykonos, a offers a full day’s worth of entertainment for the day trip visitor. The Church of Panagia Evangelistria, in Tinos Town (or Chora) is the most famous attraction on Tinos, and the reason why the island forms such an important pilgrimage site. This impressive church houses a revered holy icon of the Virgin Mary which appeared to Sister Pelagia, a nun from the Kechrovouni Monastery on Tinos. The Chora itself is a wonderful place to while away several hours, enjoying a coffee at the harbourfront or dining in one of the hidden gems of restaurants in the town’s backstreets. There are shops too, as well as the Archaeological Museum of Tinos and the excellent Tinian Artist’s Museum.

The whole island of Tinos has a rich cultural and artistic heritage – as well as the remains of the Sanctuary of Poseidon and Amphitriti at Kionia, and the remnants of the fortress at the Exomvourgo mountain, the island has been home to several great Greek artists and sculptors. One of those is Yannoulis Chalepas, and the Yannoulis Chalepas Museum in his home village of Pyrgos is well worth a visit, as is the village itself, with its amazing collection of marble sculptures. There are many other pretty villages worth visiting too, including the unusual Volax, Kardiani, Loutra and Dyo Choria to name but a few, as well as an array of gorgeous Greek island beaches.

Paros Island Things to See

Venturing south from Mykonos on your private yacht cruise, you’ll find the interesting island of Paros, which is a fun island to explore. Paros’ capital Parikia is also the island’s port, and this fascinating old town is full of archetypal Cycladic architecture, as well as shops, cafes and tavernas. Parikia is also where you’ll find the 13th century Venetian castle (Kastro) and churches like Panagia Septemvriani (Virgin September) and the very impressive Panagia Ekatontapyliani a Byzantine church dating back to 326AD. It is said to be one of the finest churches in the whole of the Cyclades islands, if not Greece itself. Just a stone’s throw from Panagia Ekatontapyliani is the Archaeological Museum of Paros, whose treasures include marble statues of Gorgon, Nike and Artemis.

The island’s other highlights include the harbour resort of Naoussa by Plastira Bay. This charming village is full of winding streets and has its own share of churches to rival those in Parikia. Inland, the postcard-pretty archetypal Greek village of Lefkes, surrounded by olive trees and palm trees and offering a great view of Naxos is also well worth a visit. There are also Folk art museums, galleries and shops. Visitors to Paros are spoiled for great beaches too, with the ever-popular Santa Maria Beach, Punda Beach and Golden Beach, all of which are havens for watersports enthusiasts.

Naxos Island Top Attractions

The largest of the Cyclades island, Naxos is another must-see island in your private yacht cruise itinerary. Windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts are ideally catered for here, with Naxos’ southern beaches offering optimum surfing conditions. As with Paros, the main town in Naxos (Chora) was once home to a Venetian castle, and the narrow alleyways in this area of the town are a fascinating labyrinth well worth exploring, with lots of stunning Venetian mansions, as well as the Archaeological Museum of Naxos. A causeway from the town’s harbour leads to Naxos’ famous Portara (big door), a gateway to the unfinished Temple of Apollo and well worth a visit around sunset, for magical photo opportunities.

Around 15km from Chora is the historic village of Halki, a great place to explore with lots of pretty villas, and also home to several shops and galleries, making this a great place to pick up souvenirs of your day trip cruise. There is also a Distillery in Naxos that produces Kitron, a citron liqueur for which the island of Naxos is famous. Visitors can enjoy a tour of the distillery, and even sample some Kitron too. Another inland village well worth a visit is Apiranthos, again home to lots of lovely shops and galleries, including a shop selling handmade embroidery by the local Apiranthos Women’s Association, which makes for a fantastically unique souvenir to take home. There are also several tavernas and cafes offering a lovely view of the valley, and the town’s three museums, dedicated to Archaeology, Natural History and Geology respectively, are nice to look around.

Luxury Private Yacht Island Cruises in Mykonos

These five Cyclades islands provide a wealth of interesting highlights and attractions for the day trip visitor from Mykonos. By chartering a cruise aboard the Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel private yacht, you have the luxury and freedom to plan your own day cruise itinerary, as well as enjoying the magical experience of sailing the Aegean’s crystal clear blue waters in a distinctively styled luxury private yacht. The Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel is all about creating unique experiences for modern travel aficionados, and private yacht charter cruises around the Cyclades islands are a great way to discover the islands for yourself.

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