Mykonos Windmills Short Story!

November 21, 2012

Mykonos windmills are the island’s most beautiful historical trademarks!All of them are characterized by a round shape, white color, small windows and a pointed roof!

Μykonos windmills

Sixteen windmills are counted on the island of Mykonos and five out of them are located in a very dominant position and therefore can be seen from every single point of Mykonos Town.

The construction of the very first windmills dates back to the Venetsian epoch, into the early 16th century, when the cultivation of agricultural products used to sustain life. Thus, windmills were initially built so that local people could use them for milling wheat.

Many years later, into the 20th century, the production stopped and consequently the windmills seized to exist …

Nowadays, windmills can be admired on Mykonos Island while one of them can even be visited, on the inside, as it has been converted into a museum.

Feel the great aura while visiting them, release your mind and soul back to the old times and let the windmills narrate their exceptional stories …

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