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Mykonos: The honorable past, the legendary present and the mythical future

October 21, 2013

It is beyond any doubt that what one gets nowadays of a place has definitely and directly to do with this place’s past. It is like the DNA: an organism has the very attributes prewritten, but it takes some, let’s say, cultivation to fully develop them. The same applies to Mykonos. The fabulous beaches, the unsurpassed landscape and the magical surroundings came across the island’s history, myths and people. Mykonos’s honorable past nonetheless affected its cosmopolitan present, but also the present of Mykonos continues to affect the present of… tourist Greece in general! The days to come are to reveal a mythical future.




The honorable past
Mykonos is along with its neighboring island of Delos a place of rich historical as well as mythological roots. Its beginning goes deep in the antiquity, where legends were all around the place, building step by step what Mykonos is finally nowadays. It is said that Delos was a sort of populated back in the day, whereas Mykonos was a highly respected transit spot. Later on, it was part of the Roman Empire, before inevitably becoming one of the Byzantine Empire. There was a period when Venetians took control of the island, but Barbarossa, the legendary but dishonorable admiral, attacked Mykonos and the island reeled under the Ottoman Empire. During the Greek Revolution against the Turks in 1821, Mykonos played an important role. Mando Mavrogenous, the local heroine, contributed her best and maximum to this struggle. In 1830, when the first Greek state of the modern era was formed, Mykonos was part of it from day one.

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The legendary present
The island of winds and windmills, the island of emerald waters and paradisiacal beaches, the island of blight white and astonishing blue, Mykonos is a place of authentic grandeur and luxurious simplicity. It is considered the island with the best waters amidst Cyclades, the island that has faithful repeaters and devoted enthusiasts. That is what forced the international jet set, back in the 60s, to come visit the island. From that point on, Mykonos became a hot spot for aristocrats, artists, fashion designers, stars, and people from diverse social classes. Each year, Mykonos beaches receive some of the most famous jetsetters of the world, whereas Mykonos 5 star hotels host the so-called glitterati!


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The mythical future
In the days to come, the Mykonos holidays 2014 will again reveal the magnificence of days and nights, the splendor of the cosmopolitan character the island fairly gained, while turning Greek summer (but not only this) into a joyful party as well as an endless source of beauty.

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