October 17, 2012

Undoubtedly, Mykonos Island is well known for the most luxury hotels in Greece, for its exceptional nightlife, romantic aura and calming landscapes such us marvelous beaches and picturesque paths…

Summer 2012, has arrived to its end and it’s time to contemplate the past and get a glimpse to all the international celebrities that preferred Mykonos island for their luxury vacations.

The well known people, let free all thoughts and worries while partying, scrolled around with their mates and lived the absolute romance, relaxed by the inimitable beaches and luxury hotels and recharged their batteries for the next season…

Combining privacy with nightlife,  Flavio Briatore with his wife Elisabetta Gregoraci chose Mykonos island as the supreme destination for their summer holidays..

John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston made up their mind for Mykonos, for living romantic moments and enjoying plenty of walks hand-in-hand & shopping..

For regaining their power for the next season’s professional demands, Bastian Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich midfielder) and the model Sarah Brandner visited Mykonos island and enjoyed the very best of the island’s romance.

Furthermore,  Demi Moore with some friends of her, chose the island of Mykonos for her  personal holidays..

Also, the Brazilian super model Ana Beatriz Barros (Victoria’s Secret model)  attended in Mykonos island, the party of one of the biggest business men named Halem .

And last, but not least, another famous Brazilian model named Isabeli Fontana preferred the “island of the winds” for a photo shooting concerning an American department store.

Looking forward, for the next season’s arrivals!


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