Mykonos Cuisine!

September 7, 2012

Mykonos is a representative example of the Greek gastronomy and famous for its great variety of Mediterranean local delicacies.

Mykonos local specialties include a wide variety of appetizers such as kopanisti, onion pie, louza and sausages, excellent sea food and special traditional desserts.

  1. Sausages are flavored with spice, oregano, pepper and olives and dried in the open air. A delicious starter dish…
  2. Inion pie is made with the tasty local “tyrovolia” cheese and is considered to be one of the favorite appetizers…
  3. Kopanisti of Mykonos is a special cheese, famous for its great, spicy taste and its strong aroma.
  4. Louza of Mykonos is produced from cooked pork meat with salt, pepper and other spices. It is a special and unique appetizer and is served in thin, red roasted slices.
  5. Fresh sea food
  6. Soumada is a traditional non-alcoholic refreshing drink.
  7. Amigdalota is a customary Cycladic sweet made of almonds.

Mykonos cuisine provides complete nutritious and tasteful meals. No matter if you would like to taste the gourmet side of these local dishes or the more traditional one, two are the places you should visit:

Le pirate Mediterranean Fusion restaurant for lunch…

Mykonos local specialties

…and La Meduse Gourmet Restaurant for dinner!

Mykonos Local Dishes

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