Mykonos: Artistically Marvellous

October 5, 2012

Fine is a word that can modestly describe the spirit, the style, the dining, the accommodation but most importantly the Arts and Art Galleries that adorn the artistically marvellous island of Mykonos.

Emanating a refined cosmopolitan allure the island of Mykonos is an artefact in itself attracting thousands of cultured travellers and high status visitors from all over the world. It is a mecca for art enthusiasts, culture fanatics and renowned artists that can appreciate the beauty in art while immersing in one of the most luxury hotels in Greece.

Mykonos sightseeing

From the fashionable Matogianni street, to Kalogera street the narrow paved streets of Mavogeni and Zouganeli Florou, the effervescent Chora of Mykonos is the beating heart of the fine arts with numerous galleries hosting great works of art from local, Greek and international painters, sculptures and exuberant artists.

galleries Mykonos

Rightfully regarded as one of the best luxury boutique Mykonos hotels Kivotos offers a luxurious accommodation base from which visitors can embark for an exciting day of sightseeing in Mykonos, discover its hidden treasures, the striking beaches, the picturesque villages and the vibrant town center boasting some of the most exquisite art galleries on the island such as the Scala shop Gallery, the Rarity Gallery, Minima Gallery, the Art Studio Gallery, the gallery of Gallatis Ioannis, Orama Art Gallery, Delos Gallery Mykonos and many more featuring unique pieces of art and exceptional handicrafts.

Mykonos galleries

Overlooking the indigo waters of Ornos Bay, only 5 km from Mykonos Chora the aesthetically outstanding luxury boutique hotel Kivotos embraces the island’s boisterous refinement inviting its elegant guests to indulge in the luxury and fine culture of multicultural Mykonos.

Credits: images taken from scalagallery.gr and minimagallery-mykonos.com

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