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Mellow into September and October at Kivotos, Mykonos

September 20, 2017

The summer that doesn’t know when to stop
Mellow into September and October at Kivotos, Mykonos

The English Romantic poet John Keats famously described autumn as “the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”, when the land bestows its harvest and the seas are enlivened by the warm silky breezes beginning to cuff away that intense heat of high summer. The wonderful truth about Kivotos and Mykonos, the island on which it is located, is that, during September and October, you can experience all the rich and mellow hues of this time of year, the sights, the sounds and the aromas, at temperatures that remain steadfastly in the high twenties and with crowds which are altogether much thinner on the ground than in July or August-just about the perfect conditions for getting around the island and really making the most of what it has to offer.


Feel the quality

Of course, whatever period you visit, the quality of our signature suites, each with a unique character, will astound you and make a lasting impression on your body, heart and soul alike.



The startling bright and simultaneously soothing colours, the soft luxurious textures, the seamless combination of classic décor and state-of-the-art design, appliances and facilities and the spacious balconies that afford views of the endless Aegean blue; this can all be enjoyed in comfort, especially if you’re not such a fan of scorching sunshine.



Best time for the beach

In fact, there are many visitors who say that the Mediterranean autumn is absolutely the best time for fun, frolics and chilling out on the beach, with the sea still pleasantly warm and rain showers still a remote prospect. Rest assured that the private beach of Kivotos still holds all the aces. What about a spot of yoga or pilates next to the waves, or indeed some (still) sizzling sea sports on them, without any risk of getting overheated?!


So much to do

With the friendly sun on your back, there are so many other options with Kivotos and Mykonos. You can stroll arm in arm and completely in harmony with the island’s mellifluous ensemble of summer and autumn.



As those wintry mornings begin to bite back home, you can send jealousy-inducing selfies to friends and family, framed by the splendid whites of your hotel, the vibrant palette of well-tended flowers and plants in cozy courtyards, spilling onto the craggy, picturesque coastline around Ornos Bay. And who could resist an autumn wander along Matoyianni Street in search of top-the-range jewellery and clothing and endlessly inventive souvenirs? Should the shopping all get too much, you can always treat yourself to the delights of the Kivotos spa after dumping all the bags off in your suite.


Smooth sailing in late summer


Time is on your side in the autumn on Mykonos. So, why not charter the hotel’s very own private yacht the Prince de Neufchatel, an authentic 19th century schooner staffed by a crew who are ready to please and all the latest features to remind you that it is 2017 after all. You might opt for a sparkling evening sailing on the bay, but a longer leisurely cruise around the Cyclades will keep you well and truly in the summer mood.


Compliments of the season

Now before we forget, it’s time to go back to all the ‘mellowness’ and the ‘fruitfulness’ again. Candlelit dinners for two in the open next to the waves or in the luxurious La Meduse restaurant are just as easily arranged now as they are in peak season (if not more so due to the fewer visitors) and with fresh, colourful and delicious gourmet cuisine rustled up by our chefs to reflect the glorious bounty of the season. And to accompany dessert and coffee, the Mykonian sunset; there are really no words to describe the canvas upon which the autumn gods have chosen to leave their scintillating brushwork.



You’ll click your cameras and mobiles and in the next instance it will click with you what brought the inspiration to stage the Kivotos Arts Project in a setting so privileged by nature.


So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the summer that never knows when it’s beaten with our special rates for this month  and the next at the incomparable Kivotos, Mykonos.

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