Making the Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel Video

December 15, 2015

The Mykonos Luxury Hotel Experience

At the start of the summer, Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel welcomed a production agency to our Ornos Bay hotel for a very special project. The production agency had been commissioned to plan, shoot and produce a promotional video of the hotel showcasing the Kivotos luxury holiday experience, as well as the hotel’s luxury design accommodation rooms & suites, and top quality services and facilities. Short featurette videos are integrated into the several pages of the hotel website, and you can see the full experience video below, and also on the Kivotos Hotel YouTube channel.

The Video Brief: Showcasing a Luxury Boutique Hotel

The purpose of the video was to demonstrate exactly what Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel has to offer guests, which meant showcasing all the hotel’s assets – from the unique boutique design architecture and flourishes of the hotel, the luxurious rooms, sea view suites & villa, and the comprehensive top quality facilities available to make guests’ holidays as relaxing as possible. These include the luxury spa & leisure facilities with the opulent spa and private massage services, the sumptuous drinking and dining options in Mykonos including exclusive private dining on the hotel’s private beach, and the Prince de Neufchatel, the hotel’s very own private yacht. However, more than just showing the facilities and the hotel, we wanted the video to go a step further creatively. We needed a video that was in keeping with our unique approach, a production that reflected the strong creative and artistic flair that is at the core of everything we do.

The Perfect Combination: a Creative Agency and a Boutique Design Hotel in Mykonos

In order to create a great video that fitted the ideal of the hotel, we needed a truly creative production company who understood Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel and our core values. In The Jaunties creative agency we found just such a production company. Drawing on their international roster of talented creatives, including cinematographers, directors and stylists, The Jaunties were able to put together an expert tailor-made team to make the Kivotos video a reality. Mr. Minas Minatsis, a Partner and Creative Director at the agency, art directed and co-ordinated the entire production, from pre-production through to shooting, production and delivery of the finished video. He and his team felt “inspired” by the hotel’s design and architecture and “blessed” to be able to shoot in such an “amazing” location, and on such a beautiful island in Mykonos.

The Vision: Ultimate Luxury Hotel Experience

The production agency and art director came up with a creative vision for the video that offered a unique approach – the Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel video would be a ‘Mykonos Experience’ film, that took the form of a visual narrative. The video would show a woman reliving her luxury holiday experience at Kivotos with her partner via the medium of her personal sketchbook. The sketchbook serves as a springboard for her memories, with sketches of specific details of the hotel cutting to real experiences and memories that took place in that part of the hotel, allowing the audience to journey with the couple throughout their stay.

By using a sketchbook, the video creates a strong visual link between the present and past memories of the hotel experience, and also serves to emphasise the aura of artistic creativity at the hotel, where the woman is inspired to sketch by the natural beauty of the island, and the creative ambiances and cultural and artistic flourishes of the hotel itself. The woman sketches in light blue, a calming and tranquil colour that implies serenity, in keeping with the Kivotos Hotel experience for all of our guests – a relaxing and calming holiday that leaves you in a place of utter calmness and comfort. The blue sketches also create a link back to the natural environment at Kivotos, with the blue waters of the Aegean sea lapping at the beach hotel, and the endless expanse of clear blue skies above.

In keeping with the original direction of the project, the video – like all good narratives, ends in an ambiguous way, with the viewer left to make up their own mind as to whether what they’ve just witnessed was a memory, or a longing dream. The woman descends to the Kivotos Hotel private beach, placing her sketchbook on a small rowing boat. With the woman seen from a viewpoint on the boat, the small craft begins to drift out into the calm waters of Ornos bay. The woman on the beach becomes smaller and smaller as the video fades away with the words “Your Secret is Safe”.

The Video: A Journey Around the Hotel

The director had a clear goal for the production, as he wanted it “to show as many real experiences one can have inside the hotel space, and involve people working there while being in their professional environment.” The video takes us on a visual journey around the hotel starting from the unique viewpoint of this Mykonos beach hotel seen from the sea in the middle of Ornos bay. The video is a treat for the senses, and immerses us in the opulent luxury experience as we see the couple plunge into one of the hotel’s two luxury swimming pools, relax in their luxury Junior Suite Sea View, unwind in the stylish spa, enjoy a massage spa treatment, and admire contemporary modern art from the Kivotos Hotel Art Projects in the hotel art gallery. With a creative ground level camera angle, we see the woman walk down the deck towards the private dining area, where she shares a romantic private dinner with her partner as they gaze out over the beautiful twinkling lights of Ornos bay. We also see the hotel’s exclusive luxury private yacht, the Prince de Neufchatel, in all its glory as the couple choose to charter it for day cruise.

Plan Your Own Escape at Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel

Our aim in creating the video was to provide total immersion, taking viewers on a journey to show them exactly what the luxury Mykonos hotel holiday at Kivotos is like. We wanted to share how our guests relax and unwind during every single day of their stay with us. Check out the full video for yourself, and for the real experience of total luxury and laid back bliss, start planning your own escape with Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel today!

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