Let It Shine and…Let it Glow!

December 7, 2012

Christmas in Style requires a trick or two. ..find your own unique style and let it shine, let it glow…cause this is Christmas!

Undoubtedly when you think of Mykonos you think of blue and white and when you think of Christmas you dream of colors and glittery dust…

Red, white, gold, green…All these colors compose beautiful formations and impress with their glamour and shine…They come in different shapes, sizes, adornments and all of them together create a lovely Christmas picture! A picture of your own personal glow your own personal style.

All these colors decorate your houses, Christmas Trees, fireplaces, windows, doors, steps, gardens…Imagine Mykonos dressed in its Christmas colours and its flickering lights…what a sight to behold?

But mind one thing! No matter where you are no matter what you do decoration is about imagination and creativity.

So, this year, try to get out of the ordinary and make your decoration outstanding by using personal touches and feelings!!!

Get inspired from the rain, the sky, the sea, the sand, the air…

Get inspired from your hobbies, sports, places, people you love …

Get inspired from everything that makes you happy, makes you laugh and cheer up!

This year get inspired from the glorious island of Mykonos and let your Christmas shine…let it glow…like never before.

Celebrate Christmas in style cause it will only last for a flash and 2013 will salute you before you know it. Soon enough Kivotos will be your one and only destination to continue a year in style. Being one of the most luxury hotels in Greece, Kivotos Hotel is the ultimate Mykonos luxury accommodation for you …it is you reason to long for the summer.

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