Kivotos Villa Accommodation in Mykonos!

October 24, 2012

Kivotos boutique hotel in Mykonos, one of the most luxury hotels in Greece, comes with a different concept of luxury accommodation, aiming to provide first class services, indescribable comfort and premium class hospitality beyond expectations.

Mykonos villa accommodation

Featuring some of the best villa accommodation in Mykonos, Kivotos hotel offers a blissful getaway for discerning travelers who wish to cocoon in the arms of luxury.

Kivotos luxury villas in Mykonos are superbly appointed and spacious, feature absolute privacy, lavish interiors and marvelous views to the endless horizon. From the invigorating jacuzzi to the private pools these luxury villas provide a totally luxurious private sanctuary for elite individuals. The personalized services offered are just a recital of some of the reasons why Kivotos private villas in Mykonos have made the top of the list of travel experts.

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