Kivotos Mykonos Hotel…An Absolute Cycladic Gastronomic Destination!

August 23, 2012

Greece is worldwide famous for its delicious, quality cuisine. Mykonos island with its cosmopolitan character and natural beauty captures visitors from all around the world. It is well known not only for its incredible beaches, picturesque paths and exceptional nightlife but also for the high standard gastronomic pleasures offered..

It is truth that, due to the particular morphology of the ground of the Cyclades, rocky and poor in vegetation, the Cycladic raw materials are limited to olive oil, potatoes, fava, tomatoes and capers. Nevertheless and despite the relatively small number of raw materials, Cycladic cuisine impresses with its wide range of dishes, originality and simplicity, offering to its visitors endless flavor surprises..

Mykonos Island is full of gourmet restaurants where you can discover special dishes with distinctive flavors and specialties…

Famous for blending the highest quality of local ingredients, Kivotos luxury hotel assures a memorable feast of gourmet flavors that for sure will invigorate your senses .

La Meduse gourmet restaurant surprises you with fresh seafood, International and Mediterranean creations…

gourmet dining restaurant Mykonos

Mykonos dinner restaurant

…while the pirate poolside restaurant rejuvenate your senses with a wide range of fresh salads, pasta, local specialties and Mediterranean summer delicacies..

Gastronomy Mykonos

gastronomy Mykonos

Have a pleasant stay on the island of Mykonos and a beautiful Cycladic gastronomic exploration!

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