Kivotos Hotel, “Shines” In Facebook!

September 19, 2012

“Why does it Shine”? Because each single star of Kivotos Luxury Hotel on Mykonos Island, earns heaps of likes day by day.. The Kivotos Hotel on the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos has earned all the positive attention and nowadays, it is rightfully considered one of the most luxury hotels in Greece!

On July 29th, Kivotos Hotel was proud to announce that it has reached the magical number of 5.000 likes and today, on September 19th, its Facebook fans are approaching the number of 7.500..

Kivotos Hotel Facebook Likes

The photo comments, shares and likes are getting greater than ever! The blog posts published are of great interest and the fans seem to appreciate Kivotos Hotel’s effort to present the life in Mykonos Island, in the best way possible!

Social media engagement has made Kivotos Boutique Hotel very well known, not only for the unrivalled luxury services provided but also for the exceptional team of employees who ensure the highest quality of service!

From its discrete bespoke services, to the plethora of five star amenities, the Kivotos Hotel has absolutely made its mark in the global luxury hotel scene and it’s going to be loved from all of you even more..

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