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Kivotos Club Hotel: Where privacy meets cosmopolitan scenery

November 14, 2013

Holidays in Greece can be of different forms. They can be an endless party, a romantic excursion, a calm stay or a combination of all these. There are places where one may find exactly what they are looking for, and Mykonos is one those. This fabulous Cycladic island can really offer you whatever you may seek.

Privacy combined with luxury and high-end facilities are to be found in great quantity in Mykonos. From private beaches to private dining, from private yacht excursions to private spa, Mykonos is the ultimate destination which provides everything from the above mentioned.

Private Beach Mykonos

Kivotos Club Hotel, one of the most preferred by demanding guests hotels in the island of the winds, has luxury private villas in Mykonos with private pool, where one can enjoy their privacy, meeting the actual meaning of indulgence and sophistication, letting themselves dive into the waters of freedom. In parallel, since Kivotos Club Hotel is a private beach hotel in Mykonos, one can have the whole image of the luxurious calmness, finding delight in the cerulean waters of the Cyclades’ gem!

Private Dining Mykonos

La Pirate and La Meduse restaurants offer you a great opportunity to enjoy a super luxury Mykonos private dining. Along with the dreamy scenery, you may eat a mouthwatering food prepared just for you and your company, while setting your senses free to the hands of love.

Kivotos Club Hotel is also renowned for its incomparable Mykonos luxury spa. The spa experts will guide you through the finest ways to wellness and to calming of your inner self. The privacy of the spa and wellness centre is the best way to lift your inner self up!

Private Yacht Mykonos

For those who seek high adrenaline levels, Kivotos Club Hotel organizes and offers private Mykonos yacht excursions. The private yacht “Prince de Neufchatel” is at your service, and promises to provide you with unforgettable cruises, candlelight dinners, private parties or weddings!

Despite the fact Mykonos is mostly known for its unsurpassed day- and nightlife, the parties and the celebrating stars, privacy is also an option if you know where to find it!

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