Excursions In Mykonos!

September 26, 2012

Mykonos Island is well known for its vibrant nightlife, natural landscapes, and beautiful beaches.

Mykonos Island also offers a great variety of local museums, churches and manors and also archeological sites of magnificent ruins dating back to the old times.

Really interesting excursions can be organized, combining entertainment with information, leisure with activities…

Here are some ideas of excursions that easily can be arranged:

  • Either by a guided bus or a private guided tour, really fascinating excursions can be scheduled on the island’s highlight spots. The most stunning beaches, interesting places and walking tours in Mykonos Town.
  • A wine and cultural walking tour is available so as to guide you through Mykonos town’s picturesque paths starting from the Agricultural Museum, to the 6 famous windmills, ending up to the Folklore Museum, located in an 11th century house.
  • Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday a traditional boat departs from the southern coast of Mykonos heading, firstly to the isolated island of Dragonissi and then back to the desolate beach of Frangias for swimming and snorkeling, and then heading to the large beach of Kalafati and finally ending up to the spectacular Paradise beach.
  • Every Tuesday and Friday, a tour of Tinos countryside and its charming villages can be planned as well.
  • A guided tour also of approximately 3 hours can be organized on the famous historical Delos Island.
  • For the most demanded ones, a special Mykonos tour by helicopter can also been arranged.

Kivotos luxury hotel in Mykonos can help you making your plans, a reality!

Just make up your mind, choose what suites you, and have a great time!

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