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Cruise the Blues of Mykonos on a Yacht

July 8, 2013

You have finally reached the island of Mykonos, checked in at your hotel, visited some of the most wondrous beaches and experienced the renowned island nightlife where the crème de la crème of society gathers amidst the maze like alleys of Chora. And just when you think you’ve done it all, get ready to be astonished…get ready to cruise the blues of Mykonos on a yacht!


Sweep the seas, gaze at the picturesque windmills from a distance, visit the sacred island of Delos and relish the most romantic dinner against the scarlet painted sky.

Private yacht Mykonos

Combine your luxury accommodation in Mykonos with the most thrilling Mykonos yachting excursions organized by Kivotos Boutique hotel. Embark on “Prince de Neufchatel” and sail in the Aegean Sea like a prince of the sea. Set off on daily expeditions to discover the island’s beauties, remote beaches and coves, arrange for a private party or be wed against the scintillating white and blue backdrop of Mykonos.

Yacht Cruise Mykonos

In style and in harmony with the Greek Sailing tradition, Kivotos invites you for a journey made of dreams.
Your dreams, your journey, your hotel…

…welcome to Kivotos Hotel Mykonos!

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