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Christmas at Cosmopolitan Mykonos

December 19, 2013

As dazzling as ever Mykonos welcomes the holiday season in its most glorious gown. Christmas is the season to truly get to know the elegant side of the island of the winds, away from the crowds, the backpackers and party fanatics. Get ready to experience the intriguing blend of tradition & refinement, a mixture of grandeur and festive rush against the fairy backdrop of the azure sea.

The streets of little Venice are illuminated by the dazzling lights while the narrow winding alleys of Chora are filled with the echoing sounds of Christmas carols and holiday music. The famous designer boutiques follow the festive mood of the season while the local confectioneries are adorned with the scents and flavors of Christmas, with the traditional melomakarona, kourampiedes and diples sweets adding yet just another pinch to the holiday spirit.


Fine dining revives through the warmth of genuine Greek cuisine, with the roasted lamps and turkeys parading at the grand restaurants of Mykonos along with sparkly local wine and bubbly champagne.
Mykonos is being prepared to welcome its elite, the crème de la crème of its beloved visitors and let them immerse in the season of ultimate grandeur.
If the twinkling sound of festivities still troubles your tranquility you can always seek a silent path of your own. Walk around the winding streets, stroll through the picturesque villages, hike over the scenic mountainous areas and wonder through the ancient sites and attractions.


The island of Mykonos is still brilliant in the misty cold but if what you are longing for is to dive in its crystalline waters, bask in the sun, partake in water sports adventures and sail away on a private luxury yacht into the depths of the Aegean the holiday season is the perfect time to plan your summer dream escape ahead.
Kivotos luxury boutique hotel in Mykonos welcomes you to make your dream come true. Unwind in the privacy of an enchanting sea view suite in Mykonos’ most stunning landscape and submerse into a world of noble refinement and authenticity.

Cheers to a glorious Christmas and a New Year of adventure!

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