A Charmed Honeymoon in Mykonos!

November 23, 2012

Suffused with the loving spirit of romance rejoice your passion like you never had before.  A charmed honeymoon in Mykonos awaits you! Get your gear on and set off for a magical experience you will cherish for the years to come.

Lose yourself in the picturesque streets of Mykonos, the heady aromas of blooming flowers and the whispering sounds of the dazzling sea.  Contemplate the miraculous vistas of the azure Aegean while savouring scrumptious Mediterranean delicacies at one of the elegant seafront restaurants overlooking the enchanting landscape.

Mykonos Island features a fabulous array of exceptional hotels that promise to plan your wedding and honeymoon down to the last detail. Organizing a wedding in Mykonos can be a great hassle for the newlyweds so leave all the planning to the hands of the experts and luxuriate in the glorious comfort of Kivotos Hotel while surrendering to the virtues of pampering. Weddings in Mykonos can become a once in a lifetime experience, so what are you waiting for? Celebrate your love in the most enchanting island of the Cyclades.

Loving couples can embark on a journey of discovery; discover the hidden treasures of this island marvel, the remote beaches, the stunning landscapes, the picturesque villages and reviving nature, the historical landscapes and island landmarks. Watch the sun set over the rocky mountains and the gleaming sea painting the sky in scarlet nuances while enjoying a divine cocktail right at the seafront.

Nothing is more romantic than a private candle light dinner in view of the flickering lights of Mykonos town and the refulgent candles. Relish the finest seafood with popular choices of high quality wine and take a walk in the moonlight, a walk to remember.

Honeymoon and wedding in Mykonos

Any dream is possible… live yours!

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