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Logo for Kivotos Art Projects exhibitions, which are held in the Kivotos Mykonos Hotel Art gallery

About The Kivotos Art Projects

The Kivotos Art Projects is a series of contemporary art exhibitions featuring the works of distinguished Greek artists, in the fields of painting, sculpture, photography, video, multimedia, and installation. The exhibitions take place from May to October in the new showroom of Kivotos, inaugurating its visual arts initiative, complemented by musical and theatrical events throughout the summer.

Screenshot from the Kivotos Art Projects promo video showing an artwork featuring a glamorous woman

Kivotos Art Project Promo Video

Take a sneak peek at the must-see cultural events of the season, taking place at the Art Gallery of Kivotos.


View video here.

Sofia Housou modern art painting, part of the 2013 Kivotos Art Projects exhibition in Mykonos

Kivotos Art Projects event

Check out the amazing performance of Apostolia Papadamaki from July 2013, as part of the Kivotos  Art Projects.

View video here.

Sofia Housou paintings in her solo exhibition at Kivotos Hotel art gallery in Ornos Bay, Mykonos

Exhibition May 25th to July 7th 2013

The first solo exhibition at Kivotos Gallery showcases the post-abstract expressionist work of artist Sofia Housou. Housou’s works operate in a dramatic background where colour becomes the vocabulary for her to express and communicate shuttle and complex messages. These paintings subvert our art-historical notions of abstraction and abstract expressionism, while they inextricably and poetically blend reality with imagination, the mysterious with the plain, the flat with the profound.

A Sofia Housou painting, part of the Aegeanale program that exhibits with Kivotos Hotel Art Projects


Aegeanale is an international platform of art and culture created in 2012. Its fundamental goals are to highlight the Aegean, as region of inspiration, creativity, and intercultural dialogue, and to map the archipelago as a complex destination with cultural interest. Aegeanale’s program is structured upon two different focal points:

  • The principal focus is on a series of international projects from the contemporary art scene that travel in various locations around the Aegean Sea, constructing tourist routes of cultural interest.
  • The secondary focus is on a visual arts residency program in several islands of the Aegean, transforming the region into a unique “open-air gallery”. The summer of 2013 was selected as the starting point of the first strategic initiative, while the residency program started in Spring-Summer of 2014.


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