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Striking architecture and interior design in Mykonos

The stunning architecture and incredible interior design of all rooms, suites, villa, SPA, restaurants, and common areas of Kivotos Luxury Beach Hotel in Mykonos are truly unique. They surpass the notion of simply making it one of the best boutique design hotels in Mykonos or among the best 5 star hotels in Greece. This is a one of a kind art boutique category, emerging through the graceful amalgam of timeless contemporary art, vintage ultra-chic pieces and ancient Cycladic touches that create a sensational, bold, yet visually balanced ambiance, despite the stylistic contradictions.

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The hotel has undergone clever retrofits and interior decoration alterations in all rooms and restaurants, adopting a new eye-catching style that ingeniously blends postmodern and classic with quirky hints. Under this concept, the hotel houses a great number of exceptional contemporary paintings and artworks, a series of exact replicas of Delian artifacts and sculptures, rare 17th and 18th century pieces, as well as an impressive collection of Louis Vuitton trunks.

Built in accordance with the Cycladic architecture, where alluring whites meet with playful shades of blue, taupe, and green, and where stone and wood gracefully pair with fine Pentelic marble, the 5 star Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel in Mykonos Greece is a rare hospitality gem that lies in the intersection of sophisticated opulence and subtly glamorous elegance.

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